Saturday, January 26, 2019

Welcome To Marlene Cronkite Mysteries

Marlene Cronkite Mysteries
Marlene Cronkite (Marli) has been solving mysteries most of her life. She grew up on the move, never spending more than a few months in one place. So it was only natural for her to wonder what mystery might lie around the next corner, the next town, or the next school. Not necessarily an easy life for one so young and naive. But the constant change had its advantages. Perhaps it is a different way of seeing things. For Marli, this was the life she knew. Marli found she had a knack for sketching the people in her life, the ones she left behind... her school chums, her teachers, the kids she played with on the street. This led not only to painting portraits in oil, but, as you've probably all ready guessed—writing mystery novels. See more: About The Author

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