Sunday, June 26, 2016

Jacquelyn (Doc) Kincaid

Dangerous Presence is Marli's first mystery novel, she calls it her baby. It may be her "baby" but it's all about a dangerous serial killer causing terror in the small community of Oasis Springs, California. Most people with any good common sense stayed behind closed doors. The whole town wanted to know, "Who killed Nanny Emily?" Especially psychologist, Jacquelyn (Doc) Kincaid. 

His nanny dressed him in ribbons and frills. His father called him a sissy. Now he kills.

Dangerous Presence

Psychologist, Jacquelyn Kincaid enters the shadowy world of a serial killer when he brutally murders one of her tenants on her garden estate. Fear grips the community when the dead woman’s body is discovered floating face up in the fishpond. The stakes get higher when her kid brother’s personality matches the serial killer’s FBI profile. The psychologist is forced to butt heads with a hard-nosed detective, media sensationalism, and the cold heart of the FBI.  Jacquelyn's world turns into a nightmare when she is stalked by the killer and becomes a recipient of his graphic poems. Now, Jacquelyn must outwit this madman and prove to herself and to the world her brother is innocent of the crimes.

*****Dangerous Presence is a gripping thriller that will keep you hanging on to the very end. It's a crisp, fast-paced and satisfying read. I'm a huge fan of Jonathan Kellerman's Alex Delaware novels, which I think is why I enjoyed this book so much. It has the same tense feel with great psychological insights from a fierce protagonist. I think Alex Delaware would be impressed with Doc Kincaid. I can't wait to read the next offering from this talented new author. J. Thornbrugh

Short, sweet reviews:
*****I'm a mystery enthusiast, and especially enjoyed "Dangerous Presence". The story kept me interested all the way to the end. It's on my "must read again" list. LaLa

*****OK, Miss Marlene.....I read Dangerous Presence, and I am HOOKED! You had me at "hello" and I could hardly put it down! You, my dear, are what the world calls TALENTED, and I can hardly wait to read Blood Gold! Keep on keepin' on, you writer, you! — feeling energized. Robbie Robertson

*****I must share this with you. I purchased copies of your "Dangerous Presence". My mother said she couldn't put the book down. "It was so suspenseful all the way to the end. I loved it!" (believe me, she is very short on platitudes, lol) Stephen D. Locke

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